2015 Kitchen Design Trends

Natural materials

Here at Marble Creations, we’ve been dealing with kitchen styling since day 1. Our granite and quartz worktops are currently sitting in hundreds of kitchen up and down the UK. So it is safe to say we know a thing or two about kitchen design trends.

We closely monitor the latest developments in the field, so our finger is always on the pulse of what is on point style wise throughout the year. We’ve put some research into what trends the fashion experts of the world are predicting for 2015 when it comes to kitchens, and here is what we have discovered.

Open plan

The overwhelming no. 1 trend pretty much every expert is pushing this year is open plan. This is a major trend in interior design in general this year, but it particularly relates to kitchens, which can often be a little overwhelmed with clutter.

It is therefore time to do away with all the excess, and strip the kitchen down to its bare minimum. If anything, this is just a good reason to declutter! Throw a few shelves up as well, so that you can display certain items that look good on display (fruits, condiments, herbs & spices, etc.).

“Modern traditional”

Modern traditional kitchenSounds odd, right? “Modern” and “Traditional” are often used in opposition with each other to describe to distinct styles. But a lot of people are pushing this hybrid of styles for kitchen design this year. So what is it?

Essentially, it’s old world style, but with modern techniques. To put it in practical terms, the kitchen of 2015 won’t have a modern art style, with strange shapes and odd decoration. It will be set out like kitchens of old. Big tables, comfy chairs, and squarely shaped worktops. The twist is that modern materials will be used in place of old ones. Out worktops, for example, are perfect for this. While quartz is often thought of as a modern material to use inside homes, it can be cut to any shape, so it’s easy to incorporate in a squarely designed kitchen.

Natural materialsNatural materials

Another big interior design trend for the whole house is the use of nature. This includes working in plants, and having have animal motifs scattered around. For the kitchen, this means a return to prominence of wood. But not highly polished, honed to perfection wood – in fact, the trend calls for wood that is more natural in look and feel.

Another material seeing widespread use is bronze. It is quickly replacing stainless steel as the go to metal for kitchens in 2015. As it is a naturally occurring metal, this goes hand in hand with the “nature” trend. Basically, to be on point this year, just invite the outside in. But if a fox starts eating at your table, you may have gone too far!

Repetitive Patterns

If nature isn’t your thing when it comes to decoration, then turn to the other hot trend in wall decoration – repetitive patterns. These have been cropping up a lot in gallery photos of 2015 kitchens, particularly with wallpapers and tiling. These shapes can be quite complex – in fact, the more complex the better – but they do have to repeat a lot over the area they are covering.

Colour wise, black and white seem to be winning the popularity stakes. Using contrast and shadows is a recurring theme, and no combination does it better than black and white.

Combine all of these, and you’ll have the most fashionable kitchen that money can buy!


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