9 decorating quotes that’ll spur you on to pick up that paintbrush


Some people love decorating, but if the thought of getting the paintbrushes out, choosing colour schemes and spending all weekend on your hands and knees ‘cutting in’ fills you with dread, you number among the many who despise it.

And that’s a shame, because if you can overcome your loathing of decorating and grow to enjoy the process, you’ll reap the rewards that come from saving on professional decorating services and the level of pride you’ll feel every time you set foot in the room you’ve created.


We appreciate you might need a bit of a pep talk, though, which is why we’ve gathered ten decorating quotes that will make you smile and inspire you to get on with the task in hand.

1   “I like interior decorating. I really like to build houses. And landscaping, I like that.”

Esther Dean

2 “Decorating is not a look, it’s a point of view.”

Albert Hadley


3 “I have found that I am not a space where people want to live, at least not without decorating first.”

Jeanette Winterson


4 “I want to make sure I’m not a dilettante. Decorating has been a passion all of my life. I love it.”

Cristina Saralegui


5 “I don’t think of decorating as a science of discipline. People always say ‘start with the rug’, but it is often the last thing I end up selecting. I begin with whatever makes my heart sing.”

Deborah Buck


6 “Have you ever considered how much pure stuff and nonsense surrounds this subject of interior decoration? Probably not. Almost everyone believes that there is something deep and mysterious about it or that you have to know all sorts of complicated details about periods before you can lift a finger. Well, you don’t. Decorating is just sheer fun: a delight in colour, an awareness of balance, a feeling for lighting, a sense of style, a zest for life and an amused enjoyment of the smart accessories of the moment.”

Dorothy Draper


7 “It is really surprising what may be done in the home with a small can of paint, if you aren’t careful.”

Will Cuppy


8 “Our home tells a story about us, so we may as well take the opportunity to make it a stylish one.”

Deborah Needleman


9 “After the design is firmly fixed, the decoration is added. Decorating is the final enhancement.”

Albert Hadley

What’s your favourite quote above? Have any prompted you to immediately head to the local DIY store to get that project underway that you’ve been putting off for ages?

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