Advantages and Disadvantages of open plan kitchen layouts

Open Plan Kitchen

Creating an open plan kitchen is becoming very popular, with more people choosing to open their entire downstairs to create more space. If this is something that you are considering doing, you should really consider the advantages and disadvantages before you do anything.  Remodelling your kitchen can be quite a lengthy and expensive process, therefore you don’t want to go into it without carefully thinking it through first.  To help you to reach your decision here is a list of both the advantages and disadvantages of creating an open plan kitchen layout in your home:


  • An open layout helps to prevent that feeling of isolation from the family when you are preparing meals. Instead of being in a separate room where other people have to come out of their way to speak to you, you are in an open space and can still be a part of the conversation.  This is especially nice when you have dinner guests but don’t want to spend the entire evening away from them to prepare your gourmet meal.
  • With the open space comes easy and direct access from the kitchen to spaces such as the dining table, making it much easier to serve dinners to your family or serve your guests.  This can help to prevent accidents occurring.
  • Bringing the kitchen, dining area and living space altogether into one big room can make your home feel much bigger, airier and lighter, giving you much more space in the downstairs area of your home.
  • It is easier to watch young children in an open space as you can usually always see where they are. This reduces the chances of accidents occurring and can give parents of young children a peace of mind.

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  • Creating an open plan kitchen involves removing walls and dealing with structural work, along with having to move plumbing and electrical wires and sockets.  It is a big job that may require builders, electricians and plumbers, potentially taking a long time and costing a significant amount.
  • When it comes to redecorating, redesigning and remodelling, the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the house.  By turning this room into an open space, you are increasing the cost when it comes to redecorating, redesigning and remodelling.
  • Everything is on show, so for example, if you have a dinner party everyone will be able to see you cooking and preparing the meal and will witness the resulting mess, there is no way of closing the door and hiding the mess from your dinner guests anymore.
  • Open floor plans are much more difficult to keep tidy and you cannot contain the mess to one room anymore, therefore think about whether you are happy to live with the mess.

After reading through these advantages and disadvantages ask yourself a few questions, for example: can I afford to redevelop this part of my home?  Will I be able to afford to redecorate the entire downstairs whenever I want to redecorate the kitchen?  Will the increase in mess bother me?  Once you have thought it through and if you have decided an open plan kitchen is for you, the next step is to begin designing and creating your very own  open plan kitchen.


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