Christmas Kitchens 2015

Christmas is full of many traditions, but one you may be dreading is the ritual of dragging dusty boxes out of the attic, full to the brim with worn out Christmas decorations. Our advice is pretty simple – don’t go up there!

You’d be surprised how easily and cheaply you can replace your tired old decorations with this year’s biggest and best. We’re looked at a lot of interior design influencers, and generated the list below. We’ll be focussing on kitchens, naturally, but these themes are true of all 2015 decor.


Frosted glassIf you’ve paid attention to interior design in general over the past year, you’ll have noticed a significant trend towards “bringing the outside in”. This theme was prominent in the decor of every room in the house, so it is not at all surprising that it has found its way into the themes of Christmas 2015.

There are a lot of avenues to go down within this theme. Frosted glass effects on your windows and fake snow scattered on surfaces are both great, but the real winner this year is the bare tree branch. These branches, teamed with fairy lights, were a recurring item everywhere we researched, and make for great ceiling ornaments in place of tinsel.


ReindeerWith a trend towards the outdoors, comes a significant increase in the presence of animals in decoration. It’s a good year for penguins, polar bears, puffins and narwhals.

But the “hottest” animal, and hottest item in general this year, is the reindeer. Rudolph and friends have even supplanted Santa! So why not give your singing St. Nick the old heave-ho, and replace him with a herd of miniature reindeer?


A popular material this year, metal is being used in places where tinsel and wreaths used to reign supreme. So metal ornaments are a must if you want to be on-point in 2015, but obviously avoid placing them near open flames or straight on to glass (in case it scratches).

White treeDIY Trees

The most “out there” addition to Christmas this year is the rise to prominence of DIY trees. These are constructed of everyday materials, like bare  branches or books, in the form of a traditional Christmas tree.

How do you make this item unique for your kitchen? Get crafty with wooden utensils of course! Simply buy a main wooden “trunk”, and glue your unused utensils to it, with long ones at the bottom and small ones at the top to create the Christmas tree shape.


As for colours, you only need one this year – white. Every designer is pushing blanket white as the colour scheme, perhaps trying to create a snow drift landscape in-line with the push towards the outdoors. Luckily, these white decorations can be reused again and again thanks to the neutrality.

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