Create a shabby chic kitchen

If you are in the process of redecorating your kitchen, you might be considering bringing the shabby chic look into your house, as opposed to anything modern.. Perhaps you’ve already got the shabby chic bug and decorating the kitchen is your finishing touch to creating a completely shabby chic home.  If you fall into this second category you’ll already know how easy and cheap it can be to create the shabby chic look, and you’ll also know not only how much fun it can be, but how addictive it is too. Redecorating is one thing, but creating a completely unique shabby chic look, using your own imagination and skills, is something else completely – it is incredibly satisfying.

Bringing the shabby chic look into your kitchen is no different really to creating this look in the other rooms of your home.  Fitting a new kitchen or renovating a kitchen can be time consuming and sometimes quite expensive.Thankfully, fitting the shabby chic look can be very cheap. Here are some of the best idea we’ve been able to find.

Shabby Chic CupboardsSalvage old cabinets:  With some sanding and repainting, these could look fantastic in your kitchen.  You may need to replace some handles and some hinges but these aren’t expensive at all.

Rusted pressed tin:  Collect as much rusted pressed tin as you can find and use this to cover the ceiling of your kitchen using a ‘patchwork’ method.

Chandeliers: Yes, even your kitchen could get a fancy chandelier of its very own.  You can buy these brand new though they are likely to be quite expensive, especially if you want something strong and fancy.  Alternatively you could salvage a chandelier and repair & repaint it to your design tastes.

VChandelierintage china: Having vintage china, either on display in a cabinet or laying on the table, is an easy way to add a shabby chic feel to our kitchen.

Farmhouse chairs and a rustic table: Add a strong looking table together with farmhouse chairs to your kitchen. These are all things that you can salvage, repair and sand down ready for repainting.

Buy vintage kitchen appliances: You can buy vintage looking appliances for brand new, though these are likely to cost much more.  The alternative is to buy second hand items and modify them yourself. For example, you can take things like a fridge or freezer to a vehicle re-spraying company.  Be prepared to don those rubber gloves and clean like you’ve never cleaned before if you are buying second hand.

Old appliancesVintage linens:  Add plenty of vintage linen to your kitchen. For example, add napkins, tablecloths, lace doilies, even create curtains from vintage linen to hide modern items like dishwashers.

Shelving:  Add shelving to your kitchen and display things like teapots and teacups, old kettles, pasta jars, anything that you think has a rustic shabby chic look to it.

Wood:  Bring as much wood into your kitchen as possible – add wooden floors, exposed wooden sideboards, tables, chairs etc.  The wooden look is the easiest way of bringing the shabby chic look into your kitchen.

Additional items:  The additional items in a kitchen can make or break the shabby chic look.  Try to find vintage looking items such as a bread bin, canisters for tea, coffee and sugar and things like baskets and jars either for storage or just for appearance.

Many of these ideas can be done with very little money, all you need to do is invest in some sanding equipment and paint, and other things you may need like new nails.

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