How to deep clean your kitchen

When was the last time you deep cleaned your kitchen? Given the nature of this unenviable task, you’re forgiven if it isn’t at the top of your to-do list. However, it’s a worthwhile endeavour once in a while if you want to prolong the life of your kitchenware and improve overall hygiene.

You’ll need to set aside a good few hours to do so and be prepared to get your hands – literally – dirty, but the end result will be something you can be proud of.

In this post, I’ve got the ultimate guide for deep cleaning your kitchen.

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The oven

Chances are, you’ll regularly give the oven a once over following a particularly gruelling cooking session. In deep clean speak, that’s not enough. To bring it back to as-new condition, remove all trays and utensils, fill any openings with foil and scrub liberally with oven cleaner. Leave it to soak overnight before rinsing with clean water.

Gas burners

No matter how often you wipe the top of your oven with kitchen cleaner, the gas burners will continue to build up all manner of grime and grease the more you use them. The secret to deep cleaning them is ammonia.

Add a 1/4 cup of ammonia to a zip-lock sandwich bag, insert the removable burner, seal and leave outside overnight. The burners don’t need to soak in the ammonia, rather be exposed to it for the cleaning magic to take place. Next day, wipe them with a sponge and clean water and pop back on the stove.

The sink

Of all the kitchen appliances, the sink is arguably put through some of the most gruelling tasks. All of that dirt, food waste and cleaning product takes its toll, but there’s a neat trick you can employ to bring your sink back to its shining best.

That trick is baking soda. Sprinkle it evenly over the sink and get scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Do the same with the drain, before rinsing. Voila!

Fridge and freezer

There’s no getting away from it – you’ll have to tackle the fridge and freezer during your deep clean. This can be the trickiest element due to the contents, but providing you have some cool boxes into which you can temporarily store the food, you’re good to go.

Once empty, remove every compartment and clean thoroughly with soapy water. Do the same for the internals of both the fridge and freezer. If you don’t have a frost-free freezer, just make sure you defrost it thoroughly first!


You’d think your dishwasher would be permanently clean, given it’s sole job, right? Wrong. Hiding in the filter could be all manner of gunk, so remove it and give it a thorough clean with soap and warm water.

Once you’ve cleaned the filter, run a full wash with the dishwasher empty.


If you grimace every time you open your microwave, it’s well overdue a deep clean. A brilliant trick is to fill a microwaveable jug with water and fresh lemon, boil it in the microwave and then let it sit to ‘steam clean’ the inside. Wipe with a damp cloth to finish.


We’ve covered the main appliances above, but a kitchen deep clean extends much further. Give the floor and splash back areas a proper scrub and finally empty out that toaster crumb tray. Once done, you’ll be the proud owner of a kitchen which sparkles from top to bottom. It’s quite a feeling.

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