What kitchen accessories do you really use and what’s just for display

Kitchen Clutter

For us, cooking is a way to relax and unwind after a long day. A messy or overcrowded kitchen can make it rather difficult to do when you can’t find that one spatula you are looking for among the dozen wrong ones.Obviously, it is nice to have different tools and accessories for cooking different foods, but it can also be a bit overwhelming.

We know how it feels when each new kitchen accessory seems like the one that will change your life. But only a week later you push it at the back of the cupboard and never use it again.

If you have any of these accessories you might consider getting rid of them:

Bread maker

– So how many times have you actually made your own bread? If you really want a freshly baked bread visit a bakery on a Sunday morning!

An excessive amount of knives

– Chef’s knife, paring knife, boning knife, bread knife and so on… but you are still using just two or three of them. You know what to do!

Kitchen aid mixer

– This kitchen appliance is big and bulky. A much better and more flexible option is a hand mixer.


– Slow cooker is just another piece of cookware that you used half a year ago and since haven’t looked at. You don’t need it in your kitchen!

Excessive Amounts of Pots and Pans

– It’s a good idea to settle for three of each one in different sizes. If you don’t cook for large amounts of people you can’t use more than that at once anyways.

A wok

– We know it’s a nice thing to have but if you don’t use it often replace it with your biggest pan. It will work just as good!

Espresso machine

– They are big and take up too much space. If you are the average coffee drinker, you will be better off going out for a cup of good coffee.

Rice cooker

– If you are not cooking rice daily try using a saucepan. The rice will taste just as good!

Doughnut pan

– When was the last time you made doughnuts? If it was two years ago for your youngest child’s birthday, chances are you will never use it again.

On the other hand, theses are the essentials that you will use and need almost every time you prepare a meal:

Cutting board

– A solid wood cutting board is both essential for cooking and looks good on display.


– No matter if it is metal or plastic one, a ladle is essential to serve soups. Also, a bent end will ensure that it doesn’t fall into the pot.

Metal and rubber spatula

– Metal spatula is a must have in any kitchen. Rubber spatula, on the other hand, will ensure you get the most out of any jam jar or cake mixture, not leaving anything behind.

Vegetable peeler

– This utensil will save you time and patience. Besides, if you are used to buying prepared vegetables this will open you up to the world of fresh veggies.


– Even though more and more wines come with screw cup, you never know when someone will bring you a good old cork sealed wine bottle. And to be honest, doesn’t it just feel better to drink a wine with a traditional cork closure?

Measuring cup and spoons

– If you are not a cooking guru you will do much better with a set of measuring tools to use when preparing new recipes.

Mixing bowls

– Smaller and bigger bowls can be used for anything so you can be sure they will not sit and collect dust.


– Another essential of any kitchen! Who doesn’t eat pasta? Exactly, you will use this every time preparing your favourite pasta food.


– You for sure will need this to grate that Parmesan over your ravioli or to add some lemon zest to a cake mixture.

Oven mitts

– If you are trying to reach the minimalist heaven you can also substitute this with a towel, but oven mitts are a much safer and practical option.

So have you just decided to rethink your kitchen equipment? Or are you headed off to purchase a set of measuring cups in hope to become a better cook? Either way, consider your eating habits and adjust kitchen accessories to it. There is no need to stuff your cabinets with things that you never use but sentimentally cling to.




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