What does your kitchen decor say about you?


If you’ve ever hosted a party or gathering in your house, you’ll know that people most often congregate in the kitchen. Why this happens is anyone’s guess (although it may well be related to the proximity of the food and drink on offer).

Entertaining people in the kitchen, whether it be a full-on party or simply a catchup with a friend over a cup of tea, will reveal more about you that you’re perhaps aware. Our kitchens say a lot about our personalities. The choice of paint, utensils, cooking tech and kitchenware give away clues about the stuff we enjoy doing, the things we’re focussed on and what floats our boat.

Here are are just a few kitchen decor choices and what they reveal about the home owner’s character:

A full fruit bowl
What it says about you: You’re healthy and understand the importance of getting your 5-a-day. The bowl is full not for show, but because you so regularly eat fruit. You’re more likely to grab an apple than a chocolate bar when hunger strikes.

Not a kitchen implement in sight (or anything, for that matter)
What it says about you: A spotless kitchen hints at a tidy, organised person who can’t bear the thought of leaving any household space in a mess – particularly one in which food is prepared. At work, you’re just as organised and you’re never late to anything. Ever.

What it says about you: You’re a technology fiend. You’ve always got the latest smartphone, own more than one tablet (you occasionally need different screen sizes, see) and have become known as the family I.T. help desk.

At least two expensive-looking coffee machines
What it says about you: You value your morning coffee before anything else at the start of the day. No one should talk to you before you’ve had it and you simply won’t succumb to mass-produced instant coffee. You probably grind your own beans, too.

A small TV hung on the wall
What it says about you: You watch every soap and reality program going. You also love cooking which is why you prefer to combine the two.

A prominent drinks cabinet
What it says about you: You’re known as an entertainer. You love having people round and impressing them with a vast array of drinks choices. If there’s a New Year’s Eve party to attend come the end of the year, yours is it.

Traditional fixtures and fittings
What it says about you: You spend a lot of time in the kitchen and prefer the homely, comforting feel of traditional furniture and cookware. You don’t get particularly excited about technology, but you do have a penchant for expensive home stuff that gives it that classy, classic British feel.

Ultra-contemporary design
What it says about you: You’re always one step ahead of everyone when it comes to fashion and will always opt for the higher-specced trim when choosing your new car. You’re tidy, like things to be simple and make judicious use of time-saving new technology.

Breakfast island surrounded by chairs
What it says about you: Your family always comes first and you encourage everyone to eat together whether it be at dinner or first thing in the morning. You also have a fairly dynamic working life that enables you to operate from home and you’ve made the kitchen one of your primary office locations.

Integral dining room
What it says about you: You’re an entertainer, but the kind who favours classy dinner parties over raucous drinkathons. You love cooking for others and your outgoing nature means you would rather be able to continue the conversation while cooking rather than lock yourself away in the kitchen.

You may recognise one or two kitchen decor traits above and the corresponding character profile may indeed ring true. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of – quite the opposite. Let your personality shine through in your home decor!

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