Short guide to choosing colour scheme for your kitchen

If you are having a new kitchen installed, or giving your kitchen a make-over, you might be wondering what colour scheme would work best and how to properly implement it. There are lots of colour scheme choices available now for kitchens, so your choices are pretty much endless and you can create a kitchen that reflects your personality well.

If you are completely renovating your kitchen and intend on installing new cupboards, appliances and work surfaces you are unlimited in your colour scheme choice. The best way to help you to decide on how to design the room is to think about what colours you like, what colours you think suit a kitchen well and which colours you know you could accessorise well with. Then consider the elements of the room individually:

  • Cabinets: the cabinets are likely to take up anything up to 50% of the space in your kitchen, so considering the colours for these first is usually a good idea.
  • Surfaces: work surface colours should complement the colours of the cabinets and doors well. You might decide to choose the same colour for both, or you could select colours that work well together, such as black and red or cream and brown.
  • Appliances: if you are buying new appliances, such as a cooker and a fridge, choose designs that match the colours you have already selected for your cabinets and surfaces.
  • Flooring: try to select flooring that matches the colour scheme you have so far well, but also goes well with other flooring it will be alongside in your home, such as your living room or hallway.
  • Backslash: here you can really inject your colour scheme into the room, though you might find it useful the enlist the help of a designer for this.
  • Walls: by this time you’ll have a good idea what the colour scheme is going to be like in your kitchen, so now you can choose a wall colour that matches and helps to keep the colour scheme, but not over-do it.
  • Accessories: now you can think about the smaller things in the room, such as taps, handles, and even things like a kettle and tea and coffee canisters. Again, it is a good idea to buy things that match the colour scheme you have selected.
  • If you find it difficult to, for example, find accessories to match you colour scheme, it might be a good idea to slightly change the colours you have selected. Thinking about it systematically like this before you make any final decisions, helps you to find potential problems along the way and address them before you begin.

If you are partly renovating or redecorating your kitchen, then when you are selecting your new colour scheme you should look at what you already have to work with and find a design that can incorporate this. If you have some conflicting colours in the kitchen, focus your design around the least flexible part of the room, for example, the tiles. It is easy to sand down a work surface and re-stain it, it is not so easy to remove tiling and re-tile.


When you think about the colour scheme of the room, consider the lighting, both natural and artificial. Some colour scheme’s look great in the daytime and natural light, but can look cold or dull when it gets darker and you are forced to use the lights in the room.

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