The kitchen of the future

As the end of the year approaches, thoughts start to turn towards the trends and designs that will pop up in the kitchen of 2016. Marble Creations will of course be looking into this as January gets closer and closer, but today we thought we would try and jump ahead a little bit.

You see, while most of us are content to stop with kitchen appliances once an oven, a fridge and a washing machine is installed, there are companies out there that can give you a taste of the future today! So in this article, we’re going to highlight products that may not even be common in the kitchen of 2016, but could become mainstays in the kitchens of the future.


We’ll start with a very self indulgent purchase. The Somabar cocktail mixer is billed as “Your own personal cocktail waiter”. You may have heard of 3D food printers, that use preloaded ingredients to build food. This is essentially that concept scaled back – the machine would contain a lot of typical cocktail ingredients, and then mix them together depending on which cocktail you want.



Food Sniffer

We do like products that name are also its instruction manual! The Food Sniffer is a pocket sized smart device that you can use to check the quality of chicken, beef, pork or fish. The device takes in the fumes, and translates the quality details back to a smartphone app, informing you if it is safe to eat or not.


Ever found it hard to grow herbs in your kitchen? Or lack the garden space to grow them outside? The Microgarden will allow you to build an artificial greenhouse in your kitchen, which doesn’t even need watering!

Vision Toaster

This one is pretty simple – a see-through toaster that allows you to keep track of your toast as it cooks. Never burn it again!


Always finding it hard to wrap items you want to save for later? The CoverBlubber is your one size fits all solution. This reusable gel-like rubber can be stretched over tubs or the food itself. Want to save the pineapple for later? Stretch your CoverBlubber over the top of it.


Hot drinks are often forgotten about, and when they go cold it can feel like the end of the world. Putting hot water into it throws off the balance of the mixture, and microwaving it is a tricky guessing game. The Miito is a metal rod you can place in any drink to reheat it, removing the need to mess with the drink at all.

Smart fridge

We’re now getting into the very tech heavy items. Smart fridges might seem like a pipe dream, but they will soon be a common site in modern kitchens. These are fridges you can control from an app, checking up on food stock levels, temperatures, and so on. They can also come with screens you can use to watch videos or read recipes.


Finally, we arrive with a space saving device that could be ideal for anybody with a small kitchen. The VIA modular cooker stacks most of your typical cooking appliances – a hob, a grill, a convection cooker, and so on – into one unit, that you merely unfold as you need it.

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