Things to consider before renovating your kitchen

Kitchen renovation is never something to take lightly. It can be a uniquely stressful undertaking, especially if the whole kitchen is being redone. It is loaded with decisions, from appliances to decor style to extensions/reductions. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

Marble Creations have been brought in on a lot of kitchen renovations, with many people choosing renovations as the time to finally get their worktops upgraded to granite or quartz. We’ve seen how to do the process well, and how not to do it, so we’ve compiled a list that will hopefully get you past some of the potential pitfalls that renovating your kitchen can lead you to.

Do you need a renovation?

Shabby Chic CupboardsThis is the big question you have to have answered with 100% certainty before you start. Do you actually need a renovation, or will a makeover do? The question now becomes “when does a makeover/redecoration become a renovation?”. Generally speaking, if you have plans to rip out all of the appliances and worktops, that is a renovation. But if you’re just painting and buying a new oven, that’s a makeover.

Even if you have the budget for a full blown renovation, you still need to ask yourself these questions. Is the oven really that bad? So you need all new tiling done? Will the kitchen be better if you completely change its configuration? You stand to save a lot of money if scale down your efforts for the right reasons.

What needs to change?

Let’s say you do want/need a renovation. The question then changes to “What needs changing?”. The best way to marshall your effort is to sit down and list all the problems you have with the current kitchen. There is no point renovating if the new kitchen has the same annoyances as the old one.

So no matter how negligible the problem, write it down. If the oven catches on the washing machine when you open it, write that down. When the problems have been listed, write out the additions you would like. Always wanted a dishwasher? Feel a hose attachment on the kitchen taps would make life easier? Now is your chance!

Picture and find everything before you start

Before you even take the first nail out of the shelf, you need to make sure that you have your kitchen entirely thought out and, ideally, sounded out. Start by picturing the kitchen you want, down to the smallest detail. All the appliances, the colour scheme, the layout of the cupboards, everything. Then go and find everything in store.

If you’re buying a complete kitchen from a retailer, half the work is already done. But even if you want to buy everything on its own, don’t lose heart if it starts to take a long time – it will be worth the effort in the end.  

Decide between on trend and timeless

Natural materialsAn interesting note you may not have thought of is the trendy/timeless debate. With a new kitchen, you may be tempted to go for what is hot right now in all of the catalogues. But keep in mind that the ideas you’ll find in guides to buying a new kitchen will be “trendy”, so are stylistically constrained to the here and now. These trends will change, and if you went with 2015’s best kitchen, it may not remain fashionable for long.

It will still be functional, as all kitchens tend to be able to do the same jobs, but if you’re someone who cares about style, it may be more advisable to go for something more timeless. These kitchens will remain relevant for longer. That said, these tend to be a little more “safe”, and if you have the money to adapt every year, it might be more exciting to go with a trendy kitchen.

Be smart during the renovation

Once the renovation is underway, you are likely to be in the hands of professionals. They will deal with fitting the new kitchen, but you still have an active role to play. For one, make sure they are careful when removing your old appliances, as they may still hold resale value if they aren’t damaged in the process. Ovens, fridges and washing machines tend to hold their value, so you stand to recoup a fair amount of money.

Also, you need to make sure you have a holdover plan whilst the work is being done. You’ll still need to cook, store food and wash clothes. While you can rely on the charity of your neighbours for a few days, any longer than that and you may become a burden. So try and be self sufficient – a microwave, a small fridge, a BBQ, and the bathroom sink can get you through for a while. If not, guess you’re going to be eating out a lot! Win win!

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