What does your kitchen say about you?

If you’ve been to a house party recently, we bet, like most attendees, you ended up in the kitchen. It is usually the social epicentre of any home yet, unbeknownst to most of us, gives away a lot about ourselves.

Think back to the last time you were in someone’s kitchen. There will have been decor decisions, particular equipment or an emphasis placed on certain areas you’ll have spotted instantly and – often subconsciously – have made a quick judgement call on the inhabitants.

It’s time for a bit of fun. In this post, we’re going to list 5 common kitchen traits and consider what they say about the homeowner. We can guarantee you’ll spot yourself amongst them!


1. It’s empty
Ok, so not a barren landscape, but there isn’t a toaster, set of knives or cookery book to be seen. Everything has it’s place, and that place is entirely hidden. Clutter is simply not an option.empty kitchen

What it says about you: You value appearance over functionality. You are relentlessly organised both at home and at work and love to keep the spaces you inhabit impeccable.


2. There’s an expensive coffee machine in the corner
Us Brits still possess a timeless love for tea, but the influence of endless coffee shops with menus that mix roasted beans and eclectic flavourings can be seen in many a modern kitchen.

What it says about you: Your expensive coffee machine, buffed clean as the day it was purchased, says you value your morning coffee over everything else. You need time not just to wake up, but to also prepare your freshly-ground beans and clean up the resulting mess once the coffee is made. No one should disturb you until the full process has taken place.


3. It possesses the best sound system in the house
Radios and small hi-fis can typically be found in most kitchens, but yours may be rather more suited to the local nightclub.

radio kitchen

What it says about you: You love entertaining and adore music. It follows you everywhere and before you do anything (for example begin cooking dinner), you’ll reach for your favourite playlist and pretend you’re in a field at Glastonbury. The cooking can happen later.


4. There are stacks of cookbooks everywhere
While sales of celebrity cookbooks are reportedly waning, there’s no doubting the impact the likes of Jamie Oliver have had on UK households. If you’ve thrown away the takeaway menus and bought every top selling cookbook on offer, you’ll know what we’re referring to.

What it says about you: You spend most of your leisure time watching any cookery TV program you can lay your hands on and eagerly await every new series of Master Chef. You may not be a professional chef, but you love entertaining and believe food is the key to happiness.


5. Gadgets. Gadgets everywhere
The humble kitchen has gradually become one of the most hi-tech rooms in many households with cooking gizmos and internet-connected white goods taking centre stage. Yours may be full of such technical wizardry.

high tech kitchen supplies

What it says about you: You can normally be found with your head buried in your smartphone and eagerly await the latest issue of Stuff magazine. You’ve ditched old-fashioned forms of communication for WhatsApp and have an app for every task in life. Cooking is just another excuse to let out your inner geek.


Spot yourself above? We’re all in there somewhere. And why shouldn’t we be? Continue to express yourself with your kitchen – it’s a brilliant way to give people a little insight into your world.

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