Quartz Worktops

Why Quartz?

Your kitchen is likely the room in the house which is subjected to the toughest of challenges, whether it be from messy cooking episodes, sharp kitchen implements or young ones treating worktops as sketch books. Thankfully, quartz is one of the most durable options for kitchen surfaces and sits amongst the hardest minerals on earth. It’ll last for years and maintain its classy look, no matter what you (or the kids) throw at it.

Cut to your exact specification

The 25 years we have spent in the industry has enabled us to cut and install virtually every type of kitchen worktop you can think of. It therefore doesn’t matter how large or unusual your kitchen design is, for our team will be able to design and cut a quartz worktop to fit your dream kitchen perfectly.

Shades and colours for every kitchen

Quartz lends itself to a dazzling array of colours and shades. From the warming tones of Red Starlight to the more adventurous Apple, our range of quartz worktops will satisfy your interior design and accentuate the chosen colour pallet of your new kitchen.

Resistant to almost anything

Quartz is the hardiest of minerals and will take virtually any punishment your kitchen and its inhabitants can subject it to. It is virtually scratch resistant, exceeds similar surfaces when it comes to impact tolerance, brushes off any form of stain and can even stand up to highly acidic liquids. Cleaning is as simple as a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

Granite for budgets of all sizes

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a cutting edge kitchen or working to a strict budget – our range of granite kitchen worktops will suit budgets of all sizes. What’s more, and regardless of how much you spend, the granite worktop you choose will always ooze class and sophistication from the minute it is installed by our highly skilled team.

Here is a small selection of our full range of quartz worktop finishes available at Marble Creations. Quartz is the second most common mineral on Earth, to the point that almost every rock contains at least a small amount. As well as quartz countertops, the mineral is also used in watches, glass, jewellery and computers, and when pressurised, it can conduct electricity.

The range we offer below crosses the colour spectrum, and although all of it is quartz, pure quartz is clear. Pieces as heavy as 90,000 pounds are mined around the world, most prominently in Brazil. It has long found use in spiritual healing, but now you’ll be taken to a whole new plain of happiness with our worktops!

The number 1 brand for quartz in Bradford and beyond, Marble Creations have tailored, cut and fitted quartz worktops in:

  • Kitchens
  • Dining Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Garages

And many more. Quartz is prominent in most modern interior design schemes, thanks to it’s sleek finish and “go with anything” potential. You’d be hard pressed to find a home that couldn’t benefit from a little or a lot of integrated quartz. All of this, paired with it’s durability, means quartz is timeless in more ways than one!

We have tried and tested techniques for cutting the best worktops imaginable, so we can provide the perfect surface for you, be it for home or for work. Whether you want it for your restaurant, bar, or public utilities, we have you covered.

If you want a quote or more information on quartz worktops please feel free to contact us or visit us at our Bradford showroom. We endeavour to find the perfect quartz work surface for you, in just the right colour and size to meet your desires & needs. Our experts have all the know how to get you the counter of your dreams.

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